Shore Excursions

Call us for a variety of shore excursions in the Cocoa Beach area!

We are the leading independent shore excursion provider for all Canaveral cruises! No Cruise middleman = big savings!

We offer private excursions with savings up to 40% from what is offered through Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL), Carnival, Norwegian (NCL), and Disney. Our outings are private or semi-private, providing more time, more freedom, and superior service, please consider our TripAdvisor record. Call us today for more information (321) 505-7455.

Shore Excursion Information

Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand-up paddleboarding on calm inland waters while viewing Florida’s diverse tropical and sub-tropical wildlife is an activity people get addicted to. We have the biggest selection and greatest inventory on the beach with an array of paddleboard shapes to accommodate every age and figure. This is invigorating activity, and you don’t have to be an athlete. However, if you are athletic and looking for a challenge, we can fix you right up as well. Most trips and rentals are at our Banana River Park site, just 2 minutes from your cruise terminal. Rent by the hour, get lessons, we can accommodate you! We recommend wearing clothes that can get wet and that you bring a ship’s towel, a hat, sunglasses, and sunsreen. You can pick up drinks and other items at the convenience store right between the cruise terminal and the park, so you won’t miss a thing. A taxi can take you from the ship, and pick you up right from the water’s edge at the end of your outing. Or you can walk. Afterwards you can go explore the area or return to your ship.


Surfing in Cocoa Beach is a year round activity, and we can provide you and your family with a 1, 2, or 3 hr lesson and boards for each family member to use all day. Our surf conditions are quite reliable, typically ranging from 1′ to 3′, occasionally higher. These are ideal learning conditions, and we always check the surf daily to ensure surf conditions are acceptable. On the occasional day where the surf conditions aren’t ideal, we will discuss this with you and work on other activities. This activity requires a bathing suit. We suggest you bring your ship’s towel, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. We can supply beach chairs, umbrella’s, cooler, drinks, and more. Just let us know what you’d like on the beach and we’ll take care of it. After scheduling your outing, jump in a waiting taxi by your ship, and they will drive you right to the beach. When your outing is complete, we will gather everything, and you can jump in your taxi and head out without any hassle.


Kayaking is perhaps the most popular watersports activity around Port Canaveral. Our shore excursion will save you about 50% per person over the cruise sponsored trips. We provide both guided trips and self-guided outings on calm waters. Kayaking is an ideal activity for those that like escaping the normal and experiencing the outdoors, often getting very close to wildlife including manatees and dolphins. If you have concerns about your safety, then we recommend a guided tour. While kayaking you will enjoy viewing all kinds of wildlife and exploring mangrove lined shorelines. We have several kayak launch sites and will determine a location based on your interests and abilities. If you wish to kayak unguided, then the most likely location will be the nearest park to the cruise terminal, Banana River Park, just 2 minutes away. You can bring your own shore lunch and drinks, and stop anywhere you wish along your journey to explore the shoreline and shallow lagoon waters. Kayaking is the best way to find and enjoy viewing manatees, porpoises, shore birds and other wildlife.


Our bike rentals are an ideal way to explore Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach. Simply take a taxi from your ship (there will be plenty waiting for you) to our store and take off by bike (please call in advance). You can ride to the beach which is 2 blocks away, and even ride on the beach if you desire. You can ride to the Cocoa Beach Pier which is a popular area attraction that features beach style shopping and dining. You can also ride to the world famous Ron Jon Surf Shop, several parks, Port Canaveral’s “Cove” and Jetty Park, and more. When you’re done, drop the bikes off at the shop and a taxi will take you back to the ship. It really is that simple.

The Beach

Going to the beach is relaxed, fun for the whole family, and very affordable. We will supply everything you need or want including beach chairs, lounge chairs, umbrellas, boogie boards, surf boards, fishing gear, coolers, ice, beach/sport balls, sand toys, and more. You can choose a quiet, secluded beach to relax and keep an eye on your kids, or you can choose an active beach close the the Cocoa Beach Pier where there is shopping, dining, volleyball, and other beach activities. When you call, we’ll put your order together and meet you at the beach. Just take a taxi from your cruise ship and we’ll be there with everything you’ve requested. And when you’re done, the taxi is never more than 5 minutes away.

We are always happy to answer your questions. We understand cruise travel can be stressful and that you want to provide a safe and enjoyable shore experience for your family. So give us a call, or if you have the time, send us an email. Its our pleasure to help you.

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