Metal Detectors

Rent a Metal Detector for Cocoa Beach

What can you find with a metal detector on Cocoa Beach?

Whether it’s after a hurricane, or after a loved one has lost a valuable family heirloom, or simple prospecting, renting a metal detector to find lost metal artifacts and jewelry is fast, easy, and affordable.  Most often rented for scouring the sandy shores of Cocoa Beach, metal detectors are also rented to those looking for lost jewelry in their yards, and at parks.  On the beach, common finds include lost jewelry, watches, and coins, but rarely and most notably, are ancient artifacts, including gold and silver doubloons deposited from the many shipwrecks off Florida’s East Coast.  
Our metal detectors utilize the most advanced metal detecting technology. They are easy to use, multi-frequency, and automatic for conditions at the beach, parks and elsewhere.  These can be operated for hours without fatigue, and children ages 8 and up can enjoy it, too. All accessories are available, including headphones, hand wands, and digging tools. We can have you and your family ready to go in just a few minutes, call or stop in to store that services Cocoa Beach. 
man using a metal detector on the beach in Cocoa Beach, Florida