Bike Rentals

We have single speed beach cruisers and 3-speed casual commuters, assorted children’s bikes, accessories and free delivery on most orders.
Only beach cruisers are permitted on the beach.

Accessories available. Free delivery on most orders.

Beach Cruiser Bikes

$20 per day (24hrs) $15 each additional day $60 weekly – 45% OFF the daily rate.


Our road/hybrid bikes include the Trek 7200 models size medium (17″ or 43 cm) and large (52 cm). Our Cannondale Adventure 400 Models size large (22.5″ or 57 cm), as well as 3 sizes of Raleigh Detours, and Sun Drifter 3 speeds. We’re sure to have the right bikes for you.

Road / Hybrid Bikes

$25 per day (24hrs) $20 each additional day $100 weekly (good for 7 days)


Our Sun Spider 3 Speed bikes feature 4-inch fat tires and low gearing for that rugged all-terrain experience. With disc brakes and high-end components everywhere, you will appreciate its off-road ability, while getting cool looks from people as you pass by.

Fat Tire All Terrain Bikes

$40 per day (24hrs) $30 each additional day $140 weekly (up to 7 days) *Must be 5’4″ tall for this bike


Better than scooters! Our Flaunt Cycles E-bikes go anywhere, up to 20+mph and 25-50 miles on a single charge!

These bikes provide 20% to 95% power assist when peddling and feature a full-throttle override to operate without peddling when at-speed. Very easy and fun for all, as long as you are 16 years old and up.

Electric Power Bikes

$35 for 2hrs (from shop) $65 for 4hrs (from shop) $85 for 24hrs $65 each additional day $275 weekly *overnight rentals include charging station.


Single baby/toddler jogging strollers & tandem strollers too. All are suitable for normal stroller use as well as jogging and for use as a standard stroller on the beach.

Less shade than standard strollers, so may not be suitable for full day use, such as at theme parks.

Jogging Strollers

$20 per day (24hrs) $15 each additional day $70 weekly- 26% MORE OFF Walk-in rate just $15/day.


Tandem bikes are available for rent from our shop. Delivery not available for tandem bikes –
they don’t fit in our trucks!

Tandem Bikes

$45/day Delivery not available. Walk-ins only, please.