Vacation Rentals

Vacation Properties on the Space Coast, including:

  • Cocoa Beach
  • Cape Canaveral
  • Satellite Beach

Call 321-450-1150 or click below for current vacation rental availability:

Why book with us?

We do not charge you booking fees! We also maintain a huge inventory of vacation properties across a variety of budgets and you’ll receive a 20% discount on amenity rentals, including bike, beach gear, and watersports rentals when you stay with us. This can add up to hundreds in savings over the course of a week.

Do we have to book with “Stay in Cocoa Beach” to receive the discount?

Yes. Over the last several years, we have worked with various realtors and property agents, and nobody we’ve worked with in the past has the scope of properties and capability that “Stay in Cocoa Beach” provides. We recognize excellence when we see it, and highly recommend you book your vacation here. And the 20% discount is the greatest discount we offer and its exclusive to “Stay in Cocoa Beach” guests only.

How do we claim the 20% discount?

When you book your stay, you’ll receive a “code” that you use when you contact us to secure your beach gear, bikes, or watersports equipment. When we process your order, we’ll apply the 20% discount to your total.

How do we rent equipment?

You can call us anytime to learn more and make a reservation. We can deliver equipment to you on the day of your arrival, or you’re welcome to visit our store in Cocoa Beach. We’ll try to accommodate your request as best we can.