Golf carts are paving the way in cocoa beach!

Golf Carts are also called LSVs (Low speed vehicles). LSVs are essentially street-legal golf carts. While there are manufacturers making true LSVs that look like a space age module holding two or four people, the most common LSVs formerly served as regular golf carts. To achieve this, one takes a gas or electric golf cart and adds safety requirements such as impact resistant windshields, proper lighting, seatbelts and a few other requirements. Once it’s inspected, registered and plated in Florida, your golf cart will be allowed anywhere in Florida where the speed limit is under 35mph. And in Cocoa Beach, that’s virtually everywhere.

Golf Carts are Not Necessarily LSVs

 Let’s not confuse LSVs with a regular golf cart though. There are places in Cocoa Beach where it’s legal to drive a golf cart that has none of the safety requirements without a license plate.  For example, around Minuteman Causeway and on the back roads between 4th North and 4th South, a licensed driver can legally operate a golf cart during the daytime on public streets. But it takes an LSV to be able to drive at night or throughout the rest of Cocoa Beach, up and down A1A, and all of the side streets and neighborhoods.  The same is true if you want to travel in Cape Canaveral, which at the time of this writing, has no allowance for regular golf carts.

Requirements for LSVs

Once you are on a tagged LSV, none of the limitations apply statewide. Florida has a very friendly LSV law. Once tagged by the DMV, LSVs are allowed statewide anywhere the posted speed limit is 35mph or less.

These street-legal golf carts (LSVs) are a great way to get around. The slower, open nature of LSVs allows you to take in your surroundings, enjoy the sights, and breath the fresh onshore ocean breezes. If you’d like to consider an LSV around Cocoa Beach, the best way to get started is to rent one. We have them available right here at A1A Outdoor Center.  You can rent by the day or weekly, delivery included. All of our LSVs are battery powered, and get roughly 30 miles per charge with four people on board.

Call A1A Outdoor Center for Rental Information

If you’d like to learn more about LSV use, or golf cart use in Cocoa Beach or Cape Canaveral, or would like to book an LSV to rent, please give us a call.  We’re open 9 to 5, seven days a week.